Full body health check

"I do not want to think that I'm healthy. I want to know it." At the radprax Institute of preventive medicine you get certain of your full body health status compact on a day...

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Patient wird von einer Mitarbeiterin in eine MRT-Röhre geschoben

Latest technology with MRI

At the Duesseldorf site we offer you the most modern imaging diagnostic with Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), Computer tomography (CT) and Ultrasound...

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Our specialists

The radprax Institute of preventive medicine offers the experience from 50 experts in the field of radiology, cardiology and internal medicine with an accumulated experience of 350,000 examinations per year.

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Schriftzug Hotel an Glasfassade


Your Full Body Check-up combined with a relaxing golf weekend or shopping on the Königsallee...

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Our special offer

radprax offers a care-free-package. Our customers and patients get everything from one source. We organize an interpreter, we take care of the hotel booking, we write an invitation for the German embassy...

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Grauhaariger Mann beim Joggen im Grünen

Why radprax?

The core element is the whole-body examination with a 3 Tesla magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). We use the latest medical technology for early screening before symptoms are present or suspected ...

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