Patient wird im Eingangsbereich der Praxis von einer Mitarbeiterin durch Handschlag begrüßt

A typical day for check-up

As an example of a full body plus cardiovascular check-up we shall show you the sequence of events in a typical radprax full body check-up:


Personal welcome at the radprax Institute of prevention medicine


Blood collection for laboratory tests 


You doctor has a detailed discussion with you to take your medical history.


Investigation 1
Visualisation of the complete vascular system (MRA)

Investigation 2
Visualisation of the organs, bones and muscles (MRT)

Investigation 3
Clinical examinations (Ergo-Spirometry, funduscopy)

Investigation 4
Ultrasound of the cerebral vessels, the thyroid gland and the heart.


We would be more than happy to provide you a healthy lunch.


Investigation 5
MRT of the heart

Investigation 6
CT of the heart, if required (only if indicated)


Enjoy a cappuccino on our roof terrace.


Detailed final consultation with your doctorTowards the end you receive a folder with all the documents as well as a CD-ROM of your images.

Further Information

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