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What customers say about us at the end of their check-up day


We have asked our customers at the end of their check-up day, how they feel and what they will report to friends and colleagues about the check-up and about our institute.  


"We are glad we did. It is all `age-appropriate´.
                                         Married couple from Cologne, check on the 14th of February 2017

"Everything great. To be recommended if someone wants to know what really matters. "
                                         Mr. A. from Spockhövel, check on 13th of February 2017

"I have received new and also surprising insights into my body- a result without results provided relief - perfect personal care and a very good consultation"
                                         Mr. K. from Dortmund, check on 17th of February 2017

"I would like to thank you for the very good support in a pleasant atmosphere and nice ambience. The professional competence of the doctors and staff has convinced me completely. I can recommend the work of radprax with a clear conscience."
                                         Mr. H. from Bochum, check on 23rd of February 2017

"Do not think, make!"
                                         Mr. B. from Solingen, check on 24th of February 2017

"I am glad I now know, that my worryconcern was unfounded. I did the check-up for myself and for my 8-year-old son".
                                         Mrs. R. from Cologne, 23rd of March 2017

"I liked the fact that the doctors did not examine me fast but thoroughly, and used different modern procedures. And it was comfortable that everything took place in one day and in one place."
                                         Mrs. W. from Cologne, check 10th of March 2017

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