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Mammography Cancer Screening in Germany

Cutting-edge technologies for early detection of breast cancer

Breast cancer has been a taboo subject for long time. But improved treatment opportunities
and significantly increased survival rates have a Rethinking. Man (and especially women) talks openly about Breast cancer, patients are well informed and they play an active role in the selection of diagnostic and Treatment options.
MRI of the breast for the woman is indeed the most comfortable and painless method, but compared with the other processes expensive method of examination.
As a study by the University of Bonn (Germany) occupied, it is also the safest method to find pathological changes in the breast tissue at an early stage.

The study had 687 Women participated, mostly young Women with dense breast tissue
and a high risk for a breast cancer. About a Period of 29 months they were investigated with all three diagnostic methods (Mammography, ultrasound and MRI). 27 tumors were detected, of which 25 were detected by MRI.

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  • Personal consultation about your needs concerning the organizational and administrative procedures (Hotel, Interpreter, Visa application etc.).
  • We will send you a treatment plan. You will receive these documents shortly.
  • If you are happy with our offer and you would like to undergo an MRI of the breast, we can schedule your appointments very shortly
  • While you make preparations for your journey, we shall organize all the medical and non-medical services stated in the quotation.
  • After your MRI of the breast you will receive all images and medical reports

Your advantage coming to radprax

  • We offer the most modern technology (3 Tesla MRI) and excellent medicine by 50 experts
  • you get the entire organization from a single source. We provide Visa invitations, Hotel booking, we arrange transfer and interpreters
  • We are located directly at the international airport of Düsseldorf
  • We have many years of experience with foreign guest, their needs and their wishes
  • We help you finding the right therapy if needed 

Patient voices

Irina, age 55 from Russia:

My mother got breast cancer at the age of 58. Unfortunately, it was discovered much too late and there was nothing that could be done. There are not many options for diagnostics and therapy in my country. I decided at the age of 55 to do a screening in Germany because I was afraid of developing cancer as my mother did. I was a little bit unsure the first time I called radprax. I talked to a very nice Russian speaking employee about my personal history and she answered all my questions, informing me in full detail about what to expect with the test. radprax helped me with all the formalities regarding my trip to Germany. I received an invitation for the visa from radprax to come to Germany. I was picked up from the airport by a Russian speaking employee and an hour later I already knew that I had not developed cancer. I am very happy that I invested my time and money in this procedure, especially as we lost my mother to breast cancer years ago.
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