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Let’s be honest: Who among us does not want to grow old in good health?

With a conscious lifestyle we ourselves can contribute substantially towards fulfilling this desire.

Nevertheless, even people who have always led a healthy life can be diagnosed with serious illnesses. Unfortunately these days, several chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes or cardiac infarctions occur much earlier, even before we notice them. Every year more than 500,000 people in Germany die as a result of disorders of the cardiovascular system and cancer.
Familial predispositions or metabolic diseases that have not been detected so far increase the personal risk.

The following applies to both cases – cancer and cardiovascular diseases. It is often possible to prevent a disease or improve the chances of cure to a considerable extent with a targeted early diagnosis and therapy introduced at the right time.

With the radprax Whole body check-up you use all the options of modern medicine to get to know for sure about the status of your health, details of any weak spots in your body so that any measures, if needed, can be taken at an early stage.

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