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Whole body MRI scan for advanced cancer screening

Although the number of new cancer cases is increasing every year, today around half of all cancer patients can be cured or live many years with the disease.

And cancer is not the same as cancer. Specifically, the type of tumor affects the chance of recovery and the (over-) life. There are now 400 different types of malignant neoplasms. Many cancers grow slowly and with some types of tumors there is a chance of living 10, 20 or 30 years and dying of other causes.

One thing is certain: the chances of healing is higher, the sooner the cancer is detected. Modern imaging techniques with 3 tesla MRI allow a very reliable and gentle diagnostics not only in case of illness when symptoms already exist. They are particularly good for the pension.

With the radprax whole body cancer check-up the entire body (all the internal organs, the muscles, the bones and the spine) will be examined with a 3 Tesla MRI. On the same day the patient gets in a detailed consultation with the doctor his body status explained.

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