CT of the heart

Two different computer tomographies of the heart are used in cardiac diagnosis.

CT of Heart - Calcium scoring

In cases where a coronary heart disease i.e. a disease of the coronary vessels (coronary arteries) is suspected, the calcium deposits are determined using computer tomography of the heart (CT of heart – Calcium score) without the use of a contrast medium. The finding is printed out as the Calcium score. This speaks something about the risk of a coronary heart disease.

CT - Coronary angiography

Latest research shows that soft deposits – the so called soft plaques are more hazardous than calcium deposits. Purely determining the calcium deposits does not provide any information about existing vasoconstrictions. The constriction of coronary vessels that occurs due to calcification or the so called soft plaques can almost certainly be ruled out by CT- coronary angiography without any invasive cardiac catheterization. A contrast medium is administered.

The CT - coronary angiography is a useful technique to assess the risk of a cardiac infarction. It is a very reliable cardiac diagnostic test used in place of a diagnostic cardiac catheterization, particularly in the case of non-conclusive cardiac complaints.