MRI of the breast

The magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the breast using a contrast medium is a highly sensitive method for imaging a woman’s breast without the use for X-rays. This is by far the most accurate method for early detection of pathological changes in the breast.
This diagnostic procedure is an important method for early detection of breast cancer particularly in those cases where a dense breast tissue is involved.

When is it advisable to perform an MRI of the breast?

  • to clarify mammographic or ultrasound findings that are unclear
  • in certain cases to rule out a malignant breast tumor
  • in the case of an already known malignant breast tumor, to rule out another tumor or seat of a tumor
  • to search for tumors in the case of histologically confirmed lymph node metastases in the axilla
  • for follow-up checks, particularly in case of patients who have already been operated and have been given radiotherapy and chemotherapy
  • for further check-up in the event that a silicon prosthesis has been implanted after operating a malignant tumour
  • for aftercare in the event of a breast conservation surgery performed following breast cancer