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radprax Institute for Preventive Medicine

We offer compact whole body check-ups and state-of-the art diagnostic imaging.

whole body check-ups:
  • High-tech whole body diagnostics (organs, vessels, spine) with the latest 3 Tesla MRI
  • Certainty about the body status in only one day
  • Exclusion / early detection of cancer
  • Detailed and comprehensive consultation
  • Exclusion / early detection of vascular diseases
  • Modern ambience

Check-ups for private customers

"I do not want to believe that I'm healthy, I want to know it."
Get certainty about your whole-body health status in only one day

Why check-up?

Find out here why it is important to use the latest medical technology for prevention at an early stage - even before symptoms develop or a disease is diagnosed.

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Customer feedback

We have asked our customers at the end of their check-up day, how they feel and what they will report to friends and colleagues about the check-up and about our institute.

Latest technology

We offer a full range of modern MRI and CT diagnostics, a high level of professional expertise and a modern ambience.

Personal care

radprax offers a care-free-package. Our customers and patients get everything from one source...

About us

The radprax Group is a network of medical care centers (MVZ) with 13 locations, 65 medical specialists and more than 400,000 examinations per year/annually.


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How to contact us:

Check-ups: +49 (0)211 - 22 97 32 02

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Please contact us:

+49 (0) 211 - 22 97 32 02