radprax health check with whole body MRI

Why a medical check with whole body MRI?

Usually, modern medical imaging is only used when there are complaints. Did you know that this modern technology (MRI) can also be employed for the prevention of diseases, especially for the exclusion and early detection of cancer and vascular diseases, even before you develop any signs or symptoms? 

Why a check-up at radprax?

For 65 years, radprax has been the leader in establishing modern high-tech procedures (such as CT or MRI) in Germany with 13 locations, more than 400.000 examinations per year, and approximately 65 specialists (radiologists, cardiologists and radiation therapists).

The philosophy of radprax check-up is to use the latest imaging technique MRI for your diagnostic examinations. Our full-body check is performed with the latest Siemens 3 Tesla MRI - combined with 8 important internal medical examinations to very reliably recognize cancer and vascular diseases in the body at an early stage.

For more information about our check-ups please contact us: 0049 211 22 97 32 01.