What customers say about us at the end of their check-up day

We have asked our customers at the end of their check-up day, how they feel and what they will report to friends and colleagues about the check-up and about our institute.

"I am very happy that I decided to have the check-up. The staff is super friendly and the entire process was planned perfectly. Thanks to all members of the team!"
Mrs. N. from Lampertheim, check on 07/09/2023

"Very structured support. Professionals who were kind enough to speak English with me. A functional room. An area for eating and drinking. You took care of the lunch. I got very detailed results. Thank you!"
                                                                                      Mrs. P. from Dortmund, check on 01/02/2023

"What convinced me was the all-round package in one day. So I didn´t have to travel five times. And there was almost no waiting time."

                                                                           Mr. K. from Nordwalde, check on 06/10/2022

"Everything was perfectly organized, from the first phone call to making contact to saying goodbye after a very pleasant day. The warm welcome, the loving care between the examinations, the friendly nature of all employees, the high level of expertise among the doctors and the detailed explanations and tips on the results - all of this is second to none. Highest quality, honest friendliness and plenty of time for anamnesis and clearly explained results... more is really not possible! Glad you exist!!! I will definitely be back."
              Mrs. F. aus Holle, check on 05/08/2022

"Thank you very much! Wonderfully organised, very competent and explained everything calmly and with sufficient time. Absolutely to be repeated and recommended! A good feeling to be doing something for yourself!"
      Mrs. K. from Isernhagen, check on 21/07/2022

"An all-round great concept! Great process, very nice staff! I was well taken care of, the medical staff is extremely competent. I have never had my findings explained in such detail. All in all, a great investment in your health!"
      Mrs. B. from Hatten, check on 30/06/2022

"It was a very friendly welcome today. All people were very nice and helpful in their work and towards me. I am very relieved after the doctor´s talks and happy about the statements about my condition and I go home happy. Many thanks!"
      Mr. G. from Rheurdt, check on 24/05/2022

"The check-up was perfectly organized, everything flowed smoothly. And a relaxed day. My compliments!"
      Mrs. and Mr. W. from Bruchköbel, check on 25/03/2022

"This morning I still had my doubts: Do I really want to know. Now I know that I have a few construction sites that can be worked on. In terms of feeling, I´m overjoyed that I did this big check. And I´m going home no questions asked."
      Mrs. C. from Heinsberg, Check on 10/03/2022

"Very structured, no long waits, everyone is very friendly and explains everything. I would recommend everyone to have this check-up at radprax. Anytime again."

      Mrs. G. from Dusseldorf, 13/12/2021

"I would like to thank you for the pleasant stay. Everything is just right in this practice. Very friendly staff and super nice doctors who take a lot of time and provide great explanations for all questions. Thank you very much for that. I felt very well taken care of with you.

      Mr. B. from Coppenbrügge, 7/10/2021

"Dear radprax team, thank you for your care. I came to you for a fullbody combination check-up. I was very excited abotu what to expect. In the afternoon I left the practice more than satisfied. Now not only do I believe I´m healthy, I know it now too. Thank you for everything.
      Mrs. G. from Solingen, Check on 5/07/2021

"I found the check-up to be a very positive experience. I thought it was good that everything took place unter one roof and that it was such a relaxed day."

      Mr. G. from Birkenfeld, Check on 1/07/2021

"We have now visited the radprax preventive care institute for the third time and have always been very satisfied. Dr. Wentges and his team looked after us very well. The diagnoses were explained to us in an unterstandable way. We´ll meet again!"

      Mr. and Mrs. L. from Braunschweig, Check on 12/03/2021

"My expectations were fully met - from very good advice and information materials to detailed discussions with the doctor after the examinations. I also felt very well looked after. Thank you for the interesting and exciting day."
      Mr. H. from Reinsdorf, Check on 6/11/2020

"Those who do not spend time on health in their life will have to spend a lot of time on their illnesses in later years. Many thanks to the entire team for the medically excellent, competent and friendly care."
      Mrs. T from Solingen, Check on 7/09/2020

"We don´t want to have to say at some point: "If we had..."

      Mrs. and Mr. T. from Wetzlar, Check on 21/07/2020

"Many thanks for such a wonderful stay. The examinations were very significant and the process was quick. An excellent team and I was really well looked after.
I will definitely recommend you!!
      Mrs. U. from ERXLEBEN, Check on 14/04/2020

Receiving such a comprehensive, deep and extensive examination with a highly detailed report of the results for my body in just one day truly exceeded all my expectations! Now I know my body: I used to think that was something money couldn't buy. The price is what I pay, the value is what I get!!! Not only do I now know how important it is to change my everyday habits, but I also have learned exactly what I need to do, and the required intensity. If I had put together these examinations by going to at least 5 separate doctors, no one would have provided me with such a solid action plan. I'm glad it's not yet too late, without the changes I'm making now my life would have been over soon. THANK YOU!!!                                                                           
                                                                     Mr S. from DÜSSELDORF, Check on 21/01/2020

"I really felt fantastic and well taken care of with radprax. Thank you so much for your friendliness, excellent organisation, detailed guidance throughout the whole process and, of course, the magnificent breakfast. Both specialists took lots of time to explain the findings and answer my questions.

Getting to know how my heart works during an ultrasound examination and taking a journey through my body with an MRI were not only exciting experiences, they also helped me to get rid of my fears. The analysis of the extensive lab results provided me with motivation to change my lifestyle in order to improve my health.

I am glad I decided to get this check-up and very thankful for the valuable advice."

                                                                                Ms P. from Monaco, Check on 09/01/2020

"I would recommend it to everyone. Everything from a single source. Otherwise I would have had to schedule 5 doctors. Now I get all that on one day. All done. Good service. Friendly, professional staff and medical specialists."

                                                                            Mr A. from Dortmund, Check on 13/12/2019

"Very satisfied, excellent team, we are very impressed overall."

                                                                     Couple W. from Dortmund, Check on 29/7/2019

"Better than I thought it would be. Thank you for the excellent service. I would definitely come back."
                                                                            Mr D. from Hattingen, Check on 17/05/2019

"Truly good care, pleasant environment during the examinations. Thanks to early detection of the illness, I was able to react well and treatment was initiated and carried out immediately with good results so far."

                                                                                Mr M. from Essen, Check on 07/05/2019

"Today was my first time here. Excellent care. Like a day on holiday, but with a purpose!"

                                                                           Mr G. from Leinach, Check on 26/02/2019

"Highly skilled, comprehensive preventive check in a very pleasant atmosphere and friendly care."                
                                                     Mr and Mrs S. from Zug, Switzerland, Check on 30/11/2018

"After the initial stress about what was to come, I received certainty and relief through professional advice and care. Thank you for that!"

                                                                       Mr S. from Düsseldorf, Check on 23/11/2018

"In my early 60s, I started getting full preventive checks. Commonly available services are provided by specialist doctors, and as a customer and medical layperson you have no help, you have to seek out "everything" you actually need yourself. Where to start, where to stop, that's the question. radprax goes a step further and offers helpful all-round packages. The "internal" images of my body that were generated are so clear that you can recognise the shape of the organs even as a medical layperson (in the final meeting). Ultimately, of course you need the doctor's specialist knowledge to assess whether everything is healthy. But you don't need to just believe it: you actually know because you saw it for yourself that the doctor can really see my organs in high-quality images, just the way they are, when making the assessment. All the doctors and assistances are friendly and show and explain things to you in a way you've never seen and heard before. Yes, the biscuits, the fruit, the coffee, the rooms, it was all really nice."                                                                                           Mr H. from Munich, Check on 30/03/2017 

"We are a mid-sized company from the Düsseldorf area with 250 employees. In consultation with our Board of Directors, we decided to offer our management level and employees who have been with the company more than 25 years the opportunity of getting a radprax full-body check-up.

We didn't think all the employees would take advantage of the offer. But we were pleasantly surprised. Looking back, over the past 2.5 years approximately 90 percent of eligible employees have gotten a radprax check-up.

The response from all employees was very good, from admission on the day of the check to the examinations themselves as well as the assessment and the meeting with the doctors. We decided to offer another check-up after 2.5 years. Our employees are already asking when their next or first check-up will be available.

We can tell that employees see this offer as a gesture of appreciation. This increases motivation as well as employee loyalty, and it's an added plus during interviews when hiring."

                                                                            An HR manager, Feedback from April 2017

Here we would like to add that in some cases we detect a serious illness during a full-body check. If this weren't the case, the whole concept of the check-up wouldn't make sense. But this only occurs rarely. Most people (based on our experience, at least 95 out of 100 people between 40 and 65 years old) who come to us for a check-up (and feel healthy overall) leave our institute in the afternoon with a sense of relief and statements similar to the men and women we've quoted here. 

For this reason, we would also like to give you the feedback of a 59-year-old woman who felt healthy but received a recommendation for prompt surgery during her check-up.

3 months after her check-up (in February 2017), she reflected:

"The doctors in the hospital told me I was incredibly lucky that the aneurysm was detected at this early stage." Doctors refer to such cases as an "incidental finding", because the client had no idea about the vascular dilation when she came to us. "The aneurysm was operated a week later and I am so glad today that I got the check-up. I am aware of course that something could have happened during surgery as well. But I made the decision to take that risk. The doctors told me that the risk of a stroke within the coming years would be very high otherwise."
                                                                         Ms L. from Aachen, Check in November 2016

"I felt well cared for and understood by a very calm and friendly team. You definitely leave the institute with a good feeling. Either glad that everything is okay or glad to have detected something bad at an early stage. Both are worth the money."                                                         
                                                                     Mr J. from Remscheid, Check in December 2017

"The check went smoothly and professionally. My questions were answered expertly in a way I could understand. I really felt well taken care of."                                                               

 Mr O. from Detmold, Check on 21/12/2017

"I really liked that all staff members provided me with excellent care from the start. It was very convenient that everything happened on a single day and in one place, I liked that a lot!                                              
                                                                        Mr D. from Wuppertal, Check on 19/1/2018

"The full-body combo check is an ideal opportunity to check your health condition and obtain proper results monitoring for your individual lifestyle. Each individual is responsible for leading a healthy lifestyle. The radprax team is an excellent guide and partner on this path."
                                                                            Mr F. from Hürth, Check on 22/01/2018

There is no medical reason or necessity to conduct a full-body check-up with MRI. It is up to each person to consciously decide whether they "would rather not know" or whether they want to have certainty about what is happening in their body.

With modern medical technology, a radprax full-body check-up offers the chance to detect serious illnesses – primarily cancer and vascular diseases – early on, before the patient even notices anything, in order to take countermeasures. A chance. Nothing more and nothing less.

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