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Pursuant to the German Act on Patient’s rights, all patients, irrespective of their origin, must be provided information so as to understand what they expect. This applies particularly to information regarding administration of contrast medium, surgical procedure performed on the body, handling X-rays or nuclear medicine substances and administration of drugs.

To make sure that foreign patients understand everything and do not sign anything that they do not understand, we invariably provide an interpreter to every patient who does not speak German or fluent English. The interpreter must accompany the patient during doctor’s consultations, explanatory meetings and investigations.

The interpreters we provide are trained specifically for this task in the field of medicine. Please understand that for legal reasons, we cannot permit family members or friends to act as interpreters.

On completion of all the agreed and required investigations, if desired, we can also arrange for translations of the reports into your native language. The finalized reports are immediately sent to the patient. Please note that the translation of medical reports will be invoiced separately.
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